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Fitness equipment

AB Rocket Twister

Don’t struggle to lift your neck & back doing crunches! Your neck and back are supported on the contoured back rest while it provides resistance when you lean back. So you don’t just fall back… you get a complete ab workout both forwards AND backwards!

• Weight: approximately 7.0 KG

• Package Dimensions :65 x 35 x 15cm

AB Coaster Abdominal Machine

• The Ultra Fit engages your abs from start-to-finish, giving you a constant core contraction with every repetition.

• The multi-angle seat adjusts to target your obliques at every angle for a complete abdominal workout.

• The weight-bearing design eliminates the need to hang from a bar and places the user in a comfort-able kneeling

Iron Door Chin Up Bar

• Upper body workout bar designed to strengthen your chest, shoulders, back, arms, and more

• Installs in doorway for pull-ups and chin-ups, or sits on floor for pushups, dips, and sit-ups

• Sturdy steel frame mounts quickly and removes easily without tools or fasteners

Fits conveniently in residential doorways 24 to 34 inches wide, with 3.5-inch trim/molding

• 5 total grip positions for versatile workouts; holds up to 300 pounds

AB Twister Stepper

Regular steppers just move up and down, but only the AB Twister System's advanced dual-drive gearbox has powerful bi-directional stepping that moves you up and down, and in and out. Combined with a smooth upper body twisting action that tightens and firms your entire body.

And AB Twister has 7 different settings perfect for any fitness level to go from fast and easy fat burning to a more intense leg and back shaping workout.

AB Storm

AB Fitness STORM is designed to trim, tone and tighten your upper abs, lower abs and even those impossible to tone love handles, all with one easy, perfect motion that makes your workout more efficient and more effective. AB Fitness STORM addresses your entire core and if you use for a few minutes each day, will tone and tighten your abs providing you with real results.

Dimensions: 45 X 21 X 53.5CM

Mini Exercise Bike

This pedal exerciser is an arm and leg machine that allows you to exercise at any time, in any place.

Use it while seated at home or office to strengthen and improve circulation. Place it on a desk or table top and operate it with your hands to exercise arms.

Dimensions: 40.4*41*29 cm

Weight: 4.5 kg

ABDO Twister

AB twister machine helps eliminate stress to hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and upper back Rotate upward and downward for muscle-toning benefits to your shoulders, biceps, triceps, upper back and chest. Use your muscles much more effectively, with less stress and less strain - plus the foam roller gives you a revitalizing, therapeutic massage every time.

Mini Trampoline Rebounder

The Action 38 inch Jogger Rebounder a great indoor workout, it reduces impact forces on the joints compared to training on hard surfaces. Jogging and jumping on the rebounder increases the heart rate and tones leg, glutenal and abdominal muscles.Use the unit also with hand weights for a great all body workout.

•Action 38 inch Jogger Rebounder.
•Solid metal frame.
•76cm jump area.
•Safety padding covering springs for added safety.
•Easy assembly.
•Maximum recommended user weight: 100kg


An enviornmentally friendly way of getting around that is easy to use for kids of all ages providing an easy and interesting way to get around! The handle bracket connected to the bicycle seat provides a place to rest your hands as you cycle around effortlessly. Height adjustable seat with ergonomic cusioned seat for comfort.

• Bicycle Dimensions: 64cm x 26cm x 82cm

• Bicycle Weight : 7.5kg approx.

Caster Scooter

Race down hills or drift side ways with the Rip Siege Caster Scooter. A combination of a caster board and a scooter, now your child can scoot, twist and propel themselves for a fun ride. The twistable deck enhances the turning performance and makes it fun to learn new tricks. Twistable deck enhances turning performance..

•Steel reinforced twisting deck
•360° inclined rear caster wheel
•125mm front wheel
•Folding handlebars
•Adjustable handlebar height
•Folding mechanism for easy storage

Product Weight: 3.5 kg
Product Dimensions: 30" x 12.25" x 36"

Home Gym Fitness Equipment of Push up

-Firm, Strengthen, Tone
-Provides the same incredible body sculpting benefit as a gym full of machines in your house
-Puts you into the perfect position to engage muscles simultaneously for total body workout
-Supports body weight while adding resistance to allow hard-to-do pushups and advanced pumps
-3 different hand positions vary your workout- Upper grip, inside grip, and outer grip


-Full body workout
-Combines cardio and toning
-Steel frame
-Workouts: reverse crunches
-Easy assembly

AB Wave Fitness Exercise Machine

1 x Ab I Wave Machine
1 x Owner Manual