Lactoferrin formula

All infants need to be protected against bacterial infection, hence the need for lactoferrin formula. Babies need extra protection because their immune systems are not strong enough to fight bacterial and fungal infections on their own. 

Breastmilk comes with certain components specifically designed to fight infections. One of them is Lactoferrin or Apolactoferrin, its synthetic form. It is the second and most abundant multifunctional protein found in human milk, and it’s also found in tears and saliva. Colostrum, the first milk produced after childbirth, contains exceptionally high levels.

Infant milk companies are trying to incorporate the much-needed nutrients into their products. The protein in humans is more effective and superior to that in cows. However, the one from cows can be modified to serve the same function in humans.

Types Of Infant Formula 

There are three types of infant formulas. Each of them comes in three different forms; concentrated liquid to be mixed in water, powder to be mixed in water, and baby milk which comes in ready-to-feed bottles. Below are the types of infant formulas: 

  • Soy-Based: This type of infant milk is made out of soy proteins, and they lack Apolactoferrin. They are made specifically for babies that are lactose intolerant
  • Specialised Formulas: This infant milk is made to be taken by babies with specific disorders or diseases. A specialised formula is only used after the paediatrician’s prescription. Premature babies are usually recipients of this type of milk.
  • Cow’s Milk-Based: This is the most common type of baby milk sold. The cow’s milk is processed to make the protein easier to digest. Cow’s milk is the only milk that contains a small amount of this.

Health Benefits In Infants.

When taken up to a specific volume, this protein could be of great importance. Below are some of the benefits of lactoferrin formula:

  • Regulation Of Gut Flora: Lactoferrin formula regulates gut flora by increasing concentration levels of Bifidobacterium and reducing clostridium concentration levels in infants. 
  • Respiratory tract defence: Lactoferrin formula equips newborns with guards that protect them from respiratory tract diseases.
  • Reduces Infection: Lactoferrin Formula minimises the risk of delayed-onset septicaemia. Analysis has shown that this protein can prevent fungal infections from developing into systemic diseases. 
  • Cognitive Development: This protein has been associated with increased cognitive development. It plays a beneficial role in the brains of newborns, especially during growth spurts.
  • Easy Absorption Of Iron: Lactoferrin formula helps increase the rate of iron absorption into the body from the intestine. 
  • Strengthening The Immune System: This protein increases the strength of the baby’s immune system. The baby’s natural immune defences increase white blood cells or leukocyte activity to combat infections. 
  • Easy Digestion: Excessive growth of bacteria can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and several digestive issues. These products prevent this situation by getting rid of such bacteria.

You should know that Lactoferrin formula is the most advisable form of baby milk. If you find that your baby is sensitive to this milk, there’s no need to fret. You just have to contact your paediatrician to prescribe a specialised formula for your infant. We hope your baby is strong and healthy with the correct nutrition.