must-have automotive workshop equipment

If you are planning to open an auto repair shop, you would agree with me that there are several must-have automotive workshop equipment you must have to have smooth operations there. 

I hate to break it to you that starting an automotive shop is much more than having mechanical skills. Multiple tasks will involve the use of different tools at your disposal in addition to your skills. Furthermore, having the right equipment ensures safety for you and your workplace. And, before we delve into the subject matter, it’s so important to at least understand the basics. 

What does an auto repair shop do? 

An auto repair shop is a place where automobiles such as cars, trucks, etc., are repaired by auto mechanics. These auto mechanics are armed with the essential skills, knowledge and expertise to fix your car. 

Summarily, an auto repair shop exists to evaluate all the internal problems (including mechanic and electrical problems) that affect your car. This should not be confused with an auto body shop that is only concerned with your car aesthetics; that is, the general outward appearance of your car. 

Must-have tools needed in a starter pack 

automotive workshop equipment

Below is a list of must-have automotive workshop equipment you require for your new auto repair shop. 

Assortment of jacks: If you’re just starting, you will need an assortment of jacks because many repairs require you temporarily lift the car. Not only jacks, but you will also require a jack stand and pole jacks. These are one of the most important automotive workshop equipment you will ever need. 

Engine hoist: This is another tool for lifting large and heavy objects such as a car engines, transmissions, etc. You’ll also require an engine hoist to move heavy objects around your shop. 

Vehicle lift: Some activities in your shop entail you getting under your vehicle and performing essential activities such as inspection, diagnostics, etc. To do this successfully, you will need a vehicle lift as one of your automotive workshop equipment. 

Battery charger and jumper: As part of your job, you’ll be dealing with many dead batteries. This infers you will need a battery charger to resurrect dead batteries and also a battery jumper to jump-start a car. This is one automotive workshop equipment you’ll ever need. 

Strut compressor: A strut compressor is used to fix a car’s suspension. You use them to strut cartridges and assemble other vital parts. 

Press. Because there is no vehicle without bearings or bushings, you’ll be requiring a good press. You also need them in shaping and cutting metals. 

Oil caddy: You will need an oil caddy in services that involve changing transmission fluids or oil in general. Preferably, you should buy a standing oil caddy because of raised vehicles in the auto repair shop. 

Brake lathe: Many car problems may involve the braking system. You will need a brake lathe to make brake service easier and faster. 

Workbench: As one of the must-have automotive workshop equipment is an automotive workbench. You will need one that has a high weight capacity because some repair work may involve you placing heavy objects on it. Secondly, it needs to have a high surface area too and should be of comfortable height. 

Purchasing your equipment 

Many online sites offer sales of automotive workshop equipment. There’s no harm in doing your findings. We are sure you’ll find something new and handy to add to your repair shop.